Mushroom Exhibitions

Exhibitions with fresh miushrooms should competent present the fungal diversity of our local forests and arouse interest for fungi. Beneath classic questions about the edibility, the communication of ecological knowledge abouit fungi is in fokus.

Special offers for children and fungal excursions complemets the exhibitions. The combination with advanced training courses complements the exhibitions too and brings specialists, interessted amateurs and other vistiers together around the topic mushrooms.

At the mushroom exhibition "Funga Böhmerwald" own mushroom findings could be presented for determination. The MYAG team stands. Fundbesprechung




Public exhibition and excursion
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Ziel der Ausstellung:

Indicate the relevance of fungi in natural cycles and explain them.

Many families with children visite the exhibition, where an own program for children was available with drawing tasks, mushrooms games, a mushroom quartet and images.
An interview on the stage of the Volksgartens gives the possibiliy to refer about the relevance of fungi.